Welcome to Quexicoatl

Quexicoatl is roughly a mix of Central and South America with some old fantasy staples thrown in – for example, the undead kingdom of Narth

We start our adventure in the psuedo-Texan town of Juan’s Canyon, in the psuedo-Mexican kingdom of Zork’s Chasm – no it wasn’t named after the computer game, it was named after the noble family who where named for the game (see Zork family).

Each of the four edges of the continent is blocked by a seemingly insurmountable obstacle – to the north, a desert (Impedement Desert), to the west, a sea (Specyfac Ocean), to the south, an Icefloe (Polstar Ice) and to the east, a jungle (the Wah Mason Rainforest)

I’m alos using the Main Page as a list of all the indexes.

You may also like to view the list of House Rules

The idea of adding advice on creating characters – which are firm rules for NPCs and suggestions for PCs – was inspired by several of the other places it’s done – most notably the Ravenloft and Eberron books.

Following on from this thred I intend to introduce an Achivements System

Ray's South America Idea

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