Ray's South America Idea

Delving Deeper

Sessions two to twelve were held over a period in early 2011, the story was put on hold when we lost our venue.

We had to find a new one but a new story was started with a new venue, maybe one day we’ll get back to it.

Once I dig out my notes I’ll post details of the other sessions to the Campaign log.

The Curtez's Arrive
The Adventure Begins

Following on from character creation – our new heros, Juan Curtez and his brother Hernando – having landed at Juan’s Landing on the Gulf of Impedement and trekked inland – arrive in the town of Juan’s Canyon. They hear from the innkeeper Maunel about a rockslide that has revealed a temple.

After solving a riddle on the temple door, they are granted access to a set of five related rooms containing three skeletons and three zombies. A lucky turning roll from Hernando later the skeletons and one of the zombies are turned. Meanwhile Juan picks off the Zombies with his bow. Hernando proceeds to cast burning hands on the skeletons, being turned they automatically fumble their saves and two of them lose all there possessions, depriving the party of two cloaks of resistance. The bodies are promptly looted and the heros decide to trade the treasure before exploring further. They end up with a pair of goggles of minute seeing each, a pair of bracers of armor +1 each and a +1 Str 16 Composite Longbow each – plus several potions and scrolls.

Juan’s player decides the character’s name isn’t grand enough and tacks on a title of Don and more forenames – but it’s simpler to call him Juan as that’s how Hernando addresses him, Hernando’s player meanwhile adds the title Pater already having several middle names.

They are brought into a seris of social situations beginning with a shopping visit to the magic item shop, followed by a stop at the temple of Boccob for Hernando to pay his respects. They pick up some minor alchemical items at the co-religionist rate of 90%. The priest Estiban then makes the startling revelation that the local mages are involved in a guild dispute about who owns the town with both the Caustic School of Zork’s Chasm and The Hypnotic Order making rival claims.

They then decide to make some outrages demands, whilst sending off a girl who later proves to be Manuel’s daughter Fatima to fetch the mayor, the Hypnotic Order’s representive. Mayor Juan promptly arrives and tells them what they need to know about laying claim to the temple they have been exploring.

The next day they return to the temple-dungeon, open a secret cache contaning four gems. We leave them as they open a secret door behind the alter to reveal something that appears to be either a Quasit or an Imp…

Character Creation
Let's Roll Up Some PCs

To create a legal character, spend 40 points on abilities at the costs given on p169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG). In the event of less than four players you may also choose to create a second character.

Choose classes from the player’s handbook (PHB) or expanded psionic’s handbook (XPH) so that you have a level/effective level (ECL) of 3rd. If you are playing a race not listed you are also limited to an ECL of 3rd at campaign start.

If creating a replacement character then the Presitege Classes from the DMG can also be use if you meet their requirements – and the same goes for the one’s in the XPH. Your ECL should be the same as the party – I will confirm with you.

The following races are permitted:

  • Any from the PHB
  • Shifter and Kalashtar from Races of Eberron
  • Dromites, Elans, Githzerai, Half-Giants, Maenad and Xeph from XPH
  • When the group reaches 4th level Thri-Kreen from XPH will also be allowed

You may request to play a member of any other race with an ECL of 3 or less (including Racial Hit Dice and Level Adjustment) but it is subject to veto by any member of the group – this will be handled on a case by case basis.

Once the party reaches third level or above you may also petition for permission to create a character with an ECL of the parties level but if your race isn’t on the pre-approved list you’ll have to put it to the group.

A race not on the list is only valid for you to play if you have specifically requested to play it and no-one has objected – if someone objects you may make the same request for your next character but don’t be suprised if it’s rejected again unless the underlying issue is resolved.

At this stage:

  • Warforged require group approval
  • Changelings require group approval but I will veto
  • Duregar and Githyanki require group approval but are unlikely to recieve it

The following from the Monster Manual (MMI) may also be approved by the group:

  • Aasimar
  • Bugbear
  • Goblin
  • Gnoll
  • Hobgoblin
  • Kobold
  • Lizardfolk
  • Orc
  • Tiefling
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