Narth is one of those places – you know the sort – with an undead overlord and all his minions ruling over a nation of living slaves, no I’m not going to go into more detail until the PCs have visited.

The adjective form is Narthen – for someone or something from Narth

Something might be added to player secrets if someone wants to play a character from there – but I’m not sure even members of the living classes should really know any more.

NPCs from Narth are very rarely Paladins or Clerics of good deities – and if they are they will no longer live in Narth. The same is true of worshippers of such deities. Native Clerics are almost exclusivly to the gods of undeath – Nerull, Vecna and Wee Jas but a rare one may be devoted to another evil deity. By far the most common classes amongst the still living are Necromancer and Commoner with the occassional Expert. Aristocrats tend to be non-native visitors or captives, whilst Rouges are rare but not unheard of.

Narthen NPCs favour the skills Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Religion), they favour the feats Great Fortitude and Spell Focus (Necromancy) whilst they rarely have the feats Iron Will or Extra Turning

Hidden Mind [Spelltouched]
Prerequisite: Raised in Narth, Exposure to Mindblank spell
Benifit: You gain +2 on saves against scrying

Overexposed Soul [Spelltouched]
Prerequisite: Raised in Narth, Exposure to Charm Person
Benifit: You gain +2 on saves against Compulsion spells


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